Branding for entrepreneurs

One day, for some reason, we decided to become entrepreneurs, to create a business with the expectation of making a living from it. For some, the entrepreneurial path is orderly and harmonious. For others, it is a bit more chaotic. What we all had to do at some point was to have a business idea. But of course, that’s not all. Once we know what our venture will consist of, the ideal would be to manage our brand. That is, we have to think about branding.

Ok. And what is branding? It is a process including actions whose objective is to connect our brand with our potential customers. In other words, through branding, we not only connect our brand with our target audience, but we also try to win their hearts. Why? Because although people buy what they want or need when it comes to deciding, they usually opt for brands they identify with or that make them feel good. So, managing the perceptions that people will have about our brand will help us to make our brand recognized and remembered.

You may be thinking that this process is too complex and costly. Not necessarily. The complexity will depend on how clear you are about the brand you want to create. And as for the budget, it’s not about investing a lot of money, but about how you communicate the value your brand offers.

How can you start defining your brand’s branding, even when you’re just starting?

Know your market niche.

Research the people who make up your niche market. What they need, what they care about, what their frustrations and what their desires are.

Define how you want your brand to be perceived.

Your brand will be perceived in some way, so the best thing to do is to try to decide how you want it to be perceived. Set out what experience you want your customers to have.

Remember your promise.

Formulate a brand promise that you can deliver and that distinguishes you from your competitors. Once you’ve done this, keep this promise in mind and organize your venture based on it.

Communicate your promise.

Your brand identity will be created based on communicating the brand promise you previously established. And this communication will have to resonate with your target audience.

Basically, in addition to attracting your audience, the idea is that this audience trusts what your brand offers. Ideally, over time, your audience will realize that what was initially a promise becomes a reality. And this will result in a satisfactory experience. And even better, a loyal and happy customer.

If branding interests you, but you don’t want to do it alone, CONTACT ME and we’ll do it together.


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