How to build brand awareness?

We’re all entrepreneurs here, aren’t we? And even if each entrepreneurial path is different we might have some similar experiences. One thing we sometimes share is that we find it difficult to start selling. The story goes pretty much like this: you decided that you wanted to start your entrepreneurial journey (for whatever reason). So, full of expectations, you determined what you wanted to offer, and you established your business either online or in a physical space. And then you realized that it wasn’t enough. Your business being there wasn’t enough to attract clients. Why? Because they don’t know about you and what you do. And if they don’t know you, how can they trust you? Frustrating, right?

Basically, you need to make your potential customers notice you, that is to say, build brand awareness. And what is brand awareness? Brand awareness is the extent to which potential customers can recognize a brand. It shows how familiar people are with a specific business, the benefits that it provides, and the values it stands for.

So, to reach your customers’ minds, you need to make your biz as noticeable and as valuable as possible, so you’ll become their first choice. And, how can you make your business more noticeable? Here are a few options:

Promote your business on multiple platforms.

Build a social media presence, always keeping in mind which platforms your potential customers prefer. You can also have a presence in entrepreneurs’ directories or publications.

Participate in events your customers might attend.

Events are amazing opportunities to show your business to a considerable amount of people at the same time. That’s the first step. If you can get these people to be curious about it or, even better, buy something from you, it’ll be a success.

Build alliances with other entrepreneurs. 

Find another entrepreneur that offers something that resonates with your product or service and propose to them to create something together. If you work together you’ll be able to reach a bigger amount of people than if you work on your own.

Make social media contests. 

Who doesn’t like gifts? Choose one of your products or services to giveaway and promote the contest on all your platforms.

Create an amazing customer experience. 

Whenever someone reaches out, either to ask you a question, to make a comment, or to buy something, answer on time, be polite, and focus on creating the experience you want your clients to live.

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can build brand awareness so that people can start recognizing your business, not only by its visuals but also by its vibe. Focus on your chosen niche. Make these people love what you do and once you can connect with that very first client, make sure they have a very positive experience, so they’ll recommend you to others.


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