Build a consistent brand in 4 steps.

As an entrepreneur, you have possibly found yourself creating pieces of content for different platforms so your brand can get some exposure. Have you ever wondered if those pieces of content are consistent with your brand? And, what is brand consistency?

First things first. Brand consistency is the act of delivering the same message, voice, and visual elements in every piece of content, all of which align with the values and purpose of the brand.

Why is brand consistency important?

When you provide brand consistency, it will be easier to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Brand consistency gives your customers the chance to know what they can expect from your business. They know who they are doing business with.

Think of this: one of your friends is wearing a new shirt from a local fashion business that creates handmade clothes paying special attention to details. You love the shirt, so assuming the rest of the clothes will be as awesome as that shirt you go to that shop. After having some trouble finding the place because there’s nothing that helps people identify it, you finally arrive at the store. When you’re there, you realize that the clothes are great, but the staff behaves as if they were working in another kind of business and the packaging has no cohesion at all with the product. In the end, you just want to grab what you like, pay, and get out of there.

Now, how can you create brand consistency? Here are some super simple steps to build consistency even if you’re just starting:

Build your brand promise around something you can deliver.

Align the messages you deliver with the purpose of your brand.

Stay true to your brand’s personality.

Establish a way in which to use the logo, graphic assets, and color palettes along with all your marketing material.

Consistency doesn’t mean that your brand can’t change. You can always evolve but it’s good to stay true to your purpose so you don’t lose customers along the way.


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