The benefit of having only a few customers.

Some of us start our entrepreneurial journey with nothing but an idea of what we want to do and what we can offer to the world. Oh yes! We also have expectations. We have expectations regarding how much our business is going to grow, how many clients we are going to help, how many social media followers we are going to have. 

Maybe this is your case. And maybe, you already have the number of clients you wanted. But maybe not. So, does it mean that if you don’t have thousands of subscribers to our email list, your business is a failure? Not necessarily, at least in my opinion.

Take a look at your list of customers. Do you know them? Is it possible for you to have a conversation (even a small one) that is not business-related? Do they feel comfortable when they work with you? Does it make you glad when they reach out to you?

Enough with the questionnaire. Now let’s check the answers. If you can honestly say «yes» to all of these questions, I would say that you are on the right path, even if you only have one client. Especially if you only have one client. 

An important part of building a brand is the relationship we develop with our customers. If you have a solid relationship with them, chances are your brand will become stronger. How? By becoming irreplaceable for your customers so that, even if they have other options out there, they will keep on choosing to work with you. 

Of course, you want to have a sustainable business that probably will not survive with one or a few clients. But the good news is, that if you have a small number of customers, it will be easier for you to actually know them and to nurture the relationship with them. You can really discover what they need and find the best way to satisfy that need, and that can help your brand to grow organically thanks to the great customer experience that you will be creating. 

When someone hires me, I like to think that I work “with” them instead of “for” them. The same thing happens when I am the one who hires another entrepreneur because it gives me a teamwork vibe and a sense of community. And that sense of community makes me want to recommend them or make connections. The same thing happens the other way: when a client is happy with my work, they recommend me to another entrepreneur with whom I’ll be glad to work. 

So, what I can suggest to you is to pay attention to the kind of bond you develop with your customers. The more fluid it is, the stronger your brand will become. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out.

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