Hire a designer or use AI?

Yes, I also want to talk about Artificial Intelligence. Am I late? Maybe, but it’s fascinating to see how the use of AI has become more and more massive. Before, I used to observe it more in people who were more into the subject.

Among the many possibilities that AI gives us, there is the option of using it in design. Interesting, right? It’s like a continuation of the trends we’ve been seeing in recent years: platforms like Canva make it easy for everyone to create or adapt graphic material for free or at low cost, even without prior knowledge of design.

AI seems to be at our fingertips, offering us the opportunity to delegate tasks and simplify processes. So why not consider it, why not take advantage of its benefits? I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I want to share with you some obvious features of using AI while creating your design pieces. Among the advantages we can find:

  • Cost: Obtaining graphic material is cheaper compared to hiring a designer.
  • Speed: You can get the material you need in a matter of minutes, saving time for other important tasks.
  • Consistency: AI allows you to keep a consistent visual line in all your graphic pieces.
  • It’s fun: Once you start playing with AI, it’s hard not to get hooked.

Now, let’s talk about the aspects that may not be so ideal:

  • Lack of originality: There is a risk that your designs become predictable and get lost among the competition.
  • Learning curve: To avoid a lack of originality, you may need to invest time in learning how to adapt the material to your specific needs.
  • Loss of human contact: AI does not understand the nuances of human creativity, and the dialogue that can generate positive synergies between designer and client is also lost.

There is no doubt that AI is transforming the way we work, bringing both advantages and challenges. Which option to choose when you need graphic material? That depends on you. Think about what you want to achieve with that material, to whom it is addressed and what is the best way for that material to fulfill the objective you are looking for.

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