Fulfill your promises.

One of the elements of your brand strategy is the value proposition. This value proposition is what makes your brand link and connect with your target audience satisfying a need or desire of that audience. It’s a way to let potential customers know that they’re going to benefit from buying your product or service. 

Now, just telling your potential customers that they are going to benefit from what you sell is not enough, you have to fulfill what you are promising (that’s the thing with promises). In case of breaking or not fulfilling that promise, someone is going to be disappointed. And, in this case, that «someone» is your client. Once someone is disappointed by a product or service, how many more opportunities do you think they are going to give that brand? How many more opportunities would you give to a brand that didn’t meet your expectations? The truth is that even when they buy you back, chances are they’ll be increasingly skeptical, and that means you’re going to have to work harder and harder to win their loyalty. 

What to do? It would be best to build a consistent and fulfilled brand promise. Review your mission, vision, and values, and take into account the reality of the product or service you offer and what this product can meet in terms of expectations. For example, if you offer handmade products it may not be too consistent to promise the latest trends in innovation. 

Once your brand promise is created, make sure that the fulfillment of that promise is present in the customer experience. Whether your brand meets a need or desire, fulfilling what it promises will make it easier to achieve customer loyalty.

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