3 advantages of choosing a niche.

You’ve probably read it a thousand times. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. “To build a sustainable business, you need to focus on a niche.” And there is a point in which you don’t know whether that’s true or if it is some kind of mantra that people repeat just because it sounds accurate. Well, it does sound right. But still, you have some doubts.

The thing is that if you narrow your market, some people will be left aside, and let’s face it when you are starting your business losing potential customers is a luxury that you can’t afford.

So, on the one hand, you’re told to focus on a niche otherwise your business is doomed, but on the other, if you do it, you might be trying to serve a lower number of people than if you don’t.

That’s a hell of a dilemma, right?

Well, if you ask me (You certainly didn’t, but since you are here I’m going to give you my opinion anyway) I think that you do need to find a niche. And here’s why:

You can get some peace of mind.

When you try to serve everyone, a client might ask to do something that, even if it belongs to your area of business, you might not have enough experience with, or you don’t like it or you suck at it. You might be able to resolve it, but it will be a stressful path. So, of all the things that you are great at, choose one that can serve the group of people that you want to serve and develop your products or services from there. It will make things go easier regarding the way you face your business and you can also gain knowledge and experience.

You can become an expert.

By targeting everybody you risk getting lost in the sea of every other entrepreneur in your field who targets everybody. And in the end, your potential customers don’t know who to choose because everyone seems to be doing the same thing. If you focus on one area of expertise, people can get to know exactly what you do and for whom and that will make it easier for them to identify you as the “go-to person” for a certain thing. That will help you get their recognition, be more memorable, and get referrals.

You will love your clients.

Well… I don’t know if you actually will LOVE them but l think that you’ll be able to develop a stronger bond with them. Not all the people around you need or want what you offer. It’s sad but true. So, don’t waste your time and energy trying to convince them of how amazing you are. Instead, focus on a group of people who might need or, at least, be curious about what you do and talk to them. If they feel like your message resonates with them, they’ll show a genuine interest in your business and besides, you’ll be more enthusiastic to work with them and serve them the best you can.

So, to make a summary here’s what I would suggest you do: find a group of people to serve and determine what needs can you fulfill for them by using your unique set of skills. Tailor your message, so it resonates with them and yes, you will be leaving people aside, but that also means that you will be attracting the kind of customers that you want. You will have more chances to be accepted than rejected and let’s be honest, being accepted feels better.

So, as I always say, take a breath, grab a pen and paper, and think about who will benefit from your talents.

Have fun!

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