The power of business cards.

There is no doubt we live in a digital world and with all the platforms available it’s easier than ever to find a specific person or business. So, anyone could say that there is no point in using business cards, right? I mean, who would carry cards in their wallet when they can save any contact information in a smartphone?

I would.

Why? Because of these five simple reasons:

Personal interaction:  

Even if sending our contact information through electronic channels is super convenient, sometimes it gets impersonal. When giving your card to someone, you establish eye contact and some conversation that can make you more memorable to this person’s eyes.

Continuous marketing: 

If you have a great business card and a nice pitch, people who receive your cards will likely show them and pass them to their contacts. That will expose your brand to more potential customers.

Brand extension:   

In circumstances such as meetings, events, or seminars, people are exposed to a brand for the first time through business cards. It’s like you spread your brand’s message by sharing a tactile version of your brand with the world.


Promotional opportunities:   

Whenever you give a card with your contact info you’re promoting your business. But you don’t need to stop there. Depending on your industry and audience, you can use your card as a mini brochure or include a promotion that will make your business more memorable in people’s minds.

Always accessible:   

Even if the energy is down, you don’t have access to the Internet and your phone’s battery dies; you can always access the information printed on a business card. I don’t mean that telling someone your contact info or writing it down on a piece of paper will ruin you, but it won’t do you any favor either. If you have your business card you will show people that you are a professional and not improvising.

Get creative, there are millions of great business card ideas over there that you can use to inspire you. Think about the content that you can include and how you can get your card to showcase your brand in the right way and make a real connection with the people who receive it.

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